Employees that take positive action to further your organization's reputation and interests are worth the investment. 

Some of the best work isn’t done in an office cubicle, it’s done in a place that provides opportunities for ideas to collide. TechArtista is a collaborative working environment that develops professional workspace and programming for hundreds of business owners in St. Louis, and has built a diverse set of amenities to improve collaboration and quality of life. Our center is located in a former Pierce Arrow Motor Car showroom in the Central West End. 

If your employees are working in the community, hosting meetings at coffee shops, or simply looking for new ways to engage in St. Louis, consider a TechArtista all-inclusive membership. We would love to speak with a company representative and determine if our workspace and hospitality services make sense for your team. 

10+ Employees

$110 per employee/mo
Discount rate of 12%

20+ Employees

$100 per employee/mo
Discount rate of 20%

50+ Employees

$95 per employee/mo
Discount rate of 24%

Benefits include: 24/7 access, workspaces, specialty coffee, wifi, parking, phone booths, printing, meeting rooms, event space, gym use, members-only networking events, neighborhood discounts, internal messaging network, and most importantly - a community of like minded professionals dedicated to St. Louis.

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