TechArtista is a platform that enables independent creatives to be successful. We offer professional spaces along with convenient amenities to grow communities, launch businesses, and make our neighborhood a better place to be. Launched in 2014, the flagship center is located in the Central West End in a 1920's-era Pierce Arrow Motor Car facility and houses 350 members.

Our membership program grants members access to space resources in four different tiers.

Combining commercial office and event space with unique retail, food and beverage programs, we provide members of our community with programs to meet their professional and social needs.


Our Name

TechArtista stems from the Italian soccer term "trequeartista", which describes a playmaker who provides support anywhere on the field, both offense and defense.


The Team

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Laura Heying
Community + Marketing Director

Laura Heying serves as the Community + Marketing Director at TechArtista while also managing a local marketing agency, HEX. Heying comes to us with a vast background in marketing communications and a deep appreciation for the local arts and fostering relationships with local makers and doers. In her spare time, Heying enjoys riding her motorcycle on road trips, visiting local museums and supporting local boutiques. Heying loves living in St. Louis and is invested in making her community better for everyone. 


Christopher Holt
CEO & Co-founder

Christopher Holt is the CEO and Co-founder of TechArtista.  He moved to St. Louis to get his Chemical Engineering degree at Washington University in St. Louis.  After working on two businesses during his time as an undergraduate, he helped found TechArtista in the Central West End, initially to build the supportive and creative network that he previously had access to while in University.  Being raised overseas in Hong Kong, Christopher realized the value of a strong community and sought to emulate that within the space. TechArtista pulls it’s inspiration from world-wide projects and artists, and seeks to create a diverse open-minded space within St. Louis, that has a both a local and global impact.


Eric Hamblett

Eric Hamblett is Co-founder and strategic partner at TechArtista, facilitating membership and new business development. Eric came to St. Louis as a student at Washington University and grew TechArtista with the team from January 2014 until today. Passionate about hospitality, events, and membership programs, Eric enjoys connecting people and ideas to tangible experiences. Before moving to the United States for college, Eric was raised in seven countries across Africa and Europe, attending international school programs. His vision is to make the world a smaller place, and for Eric, there’s no better case study than putting St. Louis on the national and international map. 


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