Increase employee engagement through experience-driven membership

TechArtista is passionate in building world-class talent in St. Louis. As a hospitality management company, we have developed programming for hundreds of business owners and offer corporations the opportunity to grow their employee engagement strategy.   

The Opportunity

Each employee deserves the opportunity to explore the best of the city and their peers. TechArtista's membership for corporations gives employees access to three themes of experiences:

Community Development
Building connectivity and friendship.

Business Development
Creating spaces to learn and innovate. 

Urban Development
Growing St. Louis with time and creativity. 


The Membership

As a sponsoring corporation, your employees will receive digital and physical access to upcoming experiences in St. Louis, curated for their interests. This will exist as a weekly newsletter, highlighting Community, Business and Urban Development opportunities, as well as guest list placement at offline events. Basic event entry fees are included, with larger scale event budgets approved by the organization on a rolling basis. 


Partner Possibilities

TechArtista has strong relationships with a wide network of institutions, businesses, and brands in St. Louis. To develop your employee membership package, we will source the highest quality partners to produce valuable employee experiences. 


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