Experiences are a key part of TechArtista’s offerings.  We curate new and exciting opportunities with the aim to help expand your network and discover new individuals, businesses, artists, and institutions.


Exhibition Openings 

TechArtista curates regular gallery openings, displaying many up and coming young artists.  We display artwork form both members of our community and members of the global community.

Past exhibitions:

Surface In-Tension

Somewhere South of Cilicia

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Supper Club 

Supper Clubs are a monthly invite only dinner party series, in which we curate a group of 20-30 people for a free-dinner party based on a common interest.  This is designed to facilitate connections and movement within or around a certain industry or area of focus, like local government, health and wellness, special interests groups.  Feel free to contact us if you’d like us to facilitate a supper club for you and your community.

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Educational Programming 

TechArtista host regular informational and learning series, including Legal Support and Office Hours, Business Resources, Hiring, Design, etc.

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Coffee Club

Club Coffee serves as a multipurpose cafe that introduces a new approach to entrance environments and gives members, and visitors quality access to food, drink and information. The cafe is a the ‘third space’ between living and working, multifaceted to appeal to the dynamic needs of the Techartista community for a light space to refresh.

The baristas function as “community concierges;” they are a resource for the internal and external networks to interact. Alongside drink and snack offerings, the concierge will have a weekly “event menu,” and be a box-office for signature St. Louis events.

CLUB will continue serving artisanal coffees from SILO, Blueprint, Sump, and Kaldi's, along with teas and select snacks prepared by culinary influencers. In addition, we are launching a box office program that will vend tickets and distribute information about St. Louis' best experiences.

Coinciding with the cafe is the revitalization of the Club membership, which provides a range of offering to include a bi-weekly activity newsletter and special deals and tastings at the Club. All existing members may opt-in for this social membership and newsletter.

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Giving communities tools to produce small scale, hugely imaginative structures using accessible design, technology and sustainability practices. 

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Supper Club Mural

Supper Club is a 24 x 10 feet mural completed over the course of two summers (2015 & 2016) at TechArtista. In Supper Club, Rosenblith presents a kind of Bizarro World version of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” and Norman Rockwell’s populist Thanksgiving tableau, “Freedom from Want.”

However, instead of creating an image of salvation or American exceptionalism, Rosenblith creates an image filled with grotesque figures that are both totally invented and based on figures from art history, contemporary pop-culture and Rosenblith’s own family and friends.These figures surround a fourteen-foot long table, which is covered in a cornucopia-like feast.

A feast overflowing with food and emblematic objects: a bust of the blind Greek poet Homer, the first great story teller of the Western canon; a large Hookah, a reference to Rosenblith’s Middle Eastern roots; and, centrally, a plate bearing a large fish, a reference to Swiss-German Artist Paul Klee’s famous painting entitled, “Around the Fish.

These various visual elements create a dense horror-vacui like composition that encourages each viewer to create their own meaning from the dense visual miasma present in Supper Club.


Pyramid Mural

At the heart of TechArtista's space is an impressive architectural feature, a 50 foot pyramid that has a conference room at its base. The pyramid functions as a heating/cooling system for the meeting room and also has stunning visual appeal. In the Fall of 2014, TechArtista hired a group of St. Louis' most recognized artists, The Screwed Arts Collective, to complete a mural on the pyramid surface. With varying angles and many hard-to-reach spots, the Screwed Arts produced a multi-faceted presentation that evolves with the viewer's movement through and around the piece.

 The Screwed Arts Collective, established in 2010, is a group of thinkers, visual artists, musicians, and storytellers. The group is committed to the evolution of participatory culture through various collaborative projects spanning a variety of traditional and non-traditional mediums including drawing, painting, music, video, print and installation.

Artists in Residence

TechArtista’s Artist-in-Residence program aims to connect select local artist with a wide array of resources, including but not limited to , showing space, studio/living space, merchandizing support, and access to a talent network that can supplement and support artists growth.


Edo Rosenblith 

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Edo Rosenblith was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and spent much of his childhood living in various parts of America, first in New York, then Arizona, Missouri, and finally Rhode Island, where he earned his BFA in painting in 2011 at the Rhode Island School of Design. Currently, Rosenblith is a graduate student at Washington University St Louis.

Rosenblith has exhibited throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area, including The Contemporary Art Museum, Gallery 210 at the University of Missouri, The Luminary Center for the Arts, Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, Beverly Gallery, Des Lee Gallery, Mad Art Gallery, and the Millitzer Gallery.

Rosenblith has exhibited nationally and internationally, at So What Space Gallery in Brooklyn, the International Print Center in New York, Jenifer Nails Gallery in Frankfurt and the Elmhurst Museum, in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2011, Rosenblith began posting one page of his sketch book everyday for two years on his blog which became the content of PINK, a book published by Fort Gondo Press in 2013.

Rosenblith’s work has been featured in Keep Eyes Magazine and New American Paintings. He is a recipient of the Regional Arts Commission Artist Support Grant, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation “Power of Art” Grant, and The P. Buckley Moss Foundation Grant for Children's Education, and The Florence-Leif Peers Grant for Painters. Rosenblith currently lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri. He is currently a finalist for the Great Rivers Biennial.

View more of his work here


Basil Kincaid

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Basil Kincaid's quest is to understand the wild tapestry of his own personal identity and cultural identity within the African Diaspora, contextualized by the scaffolding of his American experience. Basil practices self exploration, historical investigation, and critical social questioning to cultivate healing on a personal and cultural level, towards the remedy of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

Within his practice he seeks to promote empathy, curiosity, critical thought, conversation, and inclusion. Basil observes how perception and prejudice impact one’s relationship to place and their sense of belonging or displacement. His goal is to co-create healing sites that stimulate the ancestral memory of love as freedom within us, activating space to participate in shared liberation on local and global scales.

Basil creates experiences, objects, and spaces for interpersonal and ancestral connection. He writes, quilts, collages, makes installations, photographs, performs, and invents games as avenues of questioning. His work is primarily comprised  of culturally contextualized, found, or donated materials. He often collect materials from people through social media. This methodology explores the seeming immateriality and physical disconnection of online spaces while observing how waste is reflective of lived experience.

Basil's stylistic approach is influenced by the innovations, practices, and cultural products of Black Americans, and West Africans.  More specifically, Basil is interested in Black American folk and fine art, music, poetry, and family traditions.

View more of his work here


Jacob Berkowitz

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Process driven human, Jacob Elior Berkowitz held his first exhibition displaying abstract minimalist photography. Continuing his study of composition he began to explore motion, creating documentary shorts of artists processes. As he found harmonies between the simple and the complex, the loose and the controlled, the potent and the soft, his working style began to take shape. In 2012 he became a member of The Screwed Arts Collective, who create large-scale mixed media improvisational collaborations. Primarily documenting their works to start, sharing their values of spontaneity and transparency he began to move fluidly within the collective, exploring different mediums and roles. 

Soon abstract painting became Berkowitz’s foremost focus. The medium allowed for heavier failures and larger discoveries as he no longer felt limited by the external and looked further inward. A fuller part of himself was able to play a role in the work through its gestural qualities. As the visual language of the work developed, his interest in finding a balance between intuition and reflection translated physically to his process of gesture and constraint. Thriving in unfamiliar territory, he is informed by the contrasts of scale, context, and vulnerability drawn through a balance of studio work and site-specific murals. Within that adaptation the works shifts, the vocabulary expands, and the process is ever revelatory.

View more of his work here



Founded by Damon Davis in 2011, FarFetched is becoming the premier art imprint in the MidWest as a result of the activity in the system. Beginning with the founder, all of FarFetched operates at a high level. Davis is an Emmy award winner, well-known producer (LooseScrewz/Damon Davis), visual artist and emcee (Scripts n’ Screwz) that has been in the media through channels like TED, Fader, PBS and MTV U for many years. Most recently, he co-directed the documentary Whose Streets? that was released nationwide through Magnolia Pictures (Freakonomics, Food, Inc., I Am Not Your Negro) August 11, 2017. Director of Operations Darian Wigfall is a former Washington University scientist, currently the Event Coordinator at community radio station 88.1 KDHX and is an avid activist in St. Louis, mentoring youth and authoring books about the lives of black youth. Wigfall recently received a proclamations as Super Hero for youth advocacy from State Representative Bruce Franks (D-78) for his work. Both Davis and Wigfall were featured in Fortune magazine for their business acumen and activism in 2016. The third head of the triumverate is Charles Purnell. He has received recognition from Social Media Club of St. Louis for his innovative and effective ideas for the use of social media in business and is the digital marketing guru behind all of the FarFetched social media.

The future of FarFetched is certain. These artists are destined to dwell among the stars and the nucleus will eventually create a solid industry platform for St. Louis artists in general, as well as us - the wayward weirdos of the underground scene, to make a career for themselves and create their own success.

View more of their work here 


TechArtista partners with a number of organizations to both provide value to our partners and our members.  Our partners align with our mission to build a stronger and more cohesive community.