Spirit in St. Louis

LouFest and TechArtista are partnering to debut a nano-architecture exhibition “Spirit” that will produce large structures for the festival and beyond. Using a unique design of an equilateral triangle, all developed structures may be dis-assembled, and re-assembled thereafter in our partner program.  View our program catalog here and learn about more ways to get involved: info@techartista.org 

grab a drink at the Coffee Club 

CLUB will continue serving artisanal coffees from SILO, Blueprint, Sump, and Kaldi's, along with teas and select snacks prepared by culinary influencers. In addition, we are launching a box office program that will vend tickets and distribute information about St. Louis' best experiences. Want to join the Club? More info here.

Weekly Flash:"The Imperfectionist" 

Today we'd like to share a post written by our very own member, Billy Frazier. Billy has been publishing content via his brand "The Imperfectionist" and this post is all about being your own boss. We hope you enjoy the content and also check out Billy's first upcoming event. Details in the section below! Continue reading here.

Our Community

Each member is creative at heart, and uses technology as a vehicle to bring their passions to life. Check out the full directory here. 

Have you seen it?

"Supper Club" is the 24 x 10 feet mural in TechArtista's third floor gallery created by the artist-in-residence Edo Rosenblith over the course of two summers.