The Movement Lab  

TechArtista has partnered with The Movement Lab to provide an in-house gym facility for members. Founder Robbie Garrison helps clients focus on developing full body strength, control, movement quality, mobility, and conditioning.

Basic Reservation:

Wellness Subscription:

Designed to help members balance stressful work with physical training and nutrition coaching, the wellness subscription is $97/mo and includes. Desired outcomes include:

  • Change your body in ways that you can see and measure
  • Become stronger, and improve mobility and core stability
  • Learn how to move well without injuring yourself
  • Develop stronger bones and joints
  • Reduce stress and improve the health of your nervous system
  • Improve your mental and emotional health
  • Boost your confidence and happiness
  • Become more informed and knowledgeable about nutrition
  • Become more consistent with habits and life-changing behaviors

This program is exclusively for TechArtista members and benefits include:

  • Small group training sessions in the Movement Lab for ALL fitness levels, 5 days a week, 30-45 min workouts ($500/mo value)
  • A 12-month nutrition and lifestyle coaching program ($180/mo value)
  • One free session at FLOAT STL for new members ($60 value)
  • Group Meditation Sessions (priceless)
  • Discounts on more products and services announced monthly

All for only $97/mo.