Bring Your Own Passion

Happy Monday! It's Eric. Hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving. This week we'd like to invite you a special "Supper Club" hosted at TechArtista next Wednesday, December 7 titled Bring Your Own Passion. 

A big elephant in the room for St. Louis is talent retention, and we've been conducting outreach to local universities in an effort to strengthen the pipeline. We want the best and the brightest to stay in town, become your intern or employee, and flourish in their own startup endeavors. 

Our presenting partner for Bring Your Own Passion is a student group from Washington University named "Y's Thoughts." Their mission is to connect students launching ventures with resources and growth opportunities. At the upcoming dinner, we will bring together this entrepreneurial group and our member community for conversation surrounding business and personal passions. 

There will be no formal speaking agenda and we'll move throughout the dining area "popcorn style," where folks may express their ideas and listen to feedback. This experience is $20 and includes one adult beverage. RSVP here.