Dillon McRaven: Our New Hospitality Director

Happy Monday! 

This week we are excited to introduce everyone to Dillon McRaven, the new TechArtista Hospitality Director. With feedback, it was decided the space needed more than just cleaning personnel, and instead someone who can anticipate and satisfy all the oddities that make TechArtista work. From event set-ups and tear-downs, to daily supervision of kitchen and bathroom areas. We're getting Dillon acclimated to everything, so please leave feedback and do not hesitate to reach out!

Hello TechArtista!

I would love to play a part in assisting and facilitating everyone's visions and dreams into reality! My attention will be directed towards creating an efficient, effective, and energizing space. 

If you have any ideas or extra tips to uplift the atmosphere, or if you need to get ahold me for anything else I can be reached at: dillon@techartista.org. Much Love!