Floating through Mindfulness

Photo courtesy @floatingstl @marcusstabenow

Photo courtesy @floatingstl @marcusstabenow

Happy Monday! It's Chris. 

This week I'd like to highlight one of our members' business, FLOAT, and the influence it has had on me. For those that are unfamiliar, FLOAT helps people access mindfulness through floating (literally) in a sensory deprivation tank with water at body temperature for 90 minutes.  

Q: Generally, what have your floating experiences been like?

A: Floating has been a great way to find clarity on a lingering problem, or a great way to just clear my mind and decompress. It is a rapid de-stressing tool that is more accommodating to the variability of an entrepreneur’s lifestyle, where it might be hard to maintain a regular meditation practice.

Q: How has floating impacted your day-to-day life?

The calm I've been able to find during my floats is something that I can recall throughout the day to help manage stress. It helps me maintain perspective during stressful points in my week.

Q: What are the connections between floating and community building?

Floating has been a very unique offering within our community and is a great resource for managing and handling many of the stresses that are common with an entrepreneurial lifestyle. FLOAT has been a beneficial tool in our community, as the FLOAT staff similarly look to help make organic connections between their community members by encouraging dialogue around their experiences.

Learn more and book a FLOAT here!