The Central West End Farm

 Herbal Vinegars, Dried Herbs, and Popcorn for Sale

Happy Monday! It's Eric. 

This week we'd like to feature the CWE Farm, a unique and sustainable initiative grown by our member Arthur Culbert, and students from the adjacent New City School. Located just west of Kingshighway for over 6 years, the CWE Farm is selling herbal vinegars, dried herbs, and popcorn for a great cause. Each purchase directly supports area food pantries, including the Trinity Episcopal Church across the street from TechArtista! To purchase and receive hand delivery, please contact Arthur Culbert. Our very own Community Director, Alex Carnes, is a customer of the CWE Farm, and has some words to say:

"I love to cook. When I met Arthur he mentioned that he had some "Herb" he could give me, his words not mine. This kind gentleman was offering me no euphemisms. He had fresh oregano. A week later he handed the freshest oregano I had tasted. The beauty of this gift was that it was connected to a local city garden. My having this little pouch of spice had contributed to something much larger. If you enjoy cooking then you know love is a powerful ingredient. There was more than oregano in that bag."

Have a great week!