SILO Coffee/Solea Water Update

Rachael Burchett is the woman behind SILO Coffee. She’s bringing a full cafe setup to  TechArtista coming soon. However, she’s more than a coffee lover, she’s passionate about providing clean water to those who do not have access. 

In 2011, when Rachael was in high school, she started Solea water to provide clean water to the people of Panama and hasn’t looked back.

Solea means to purify or bleach and that is what Rachael and Solea does. Solea has provided clean water to over 9000 people in Panama and other latin american countries. 

However, running a non-profit is expensive and as such Solea has decided to open SILO. A full coffee cart that will exist in the TechArtista space. 10% of SILO profits go back to Solea. This helps reduce a huge portion of the administrative costs that come with running a non profit. 

TechArtista is extremely excited to host this new project of Rachael’s as well as be her home for Solea.

Christopher HoltComment