Snapdragon Studios Subscription

Certain things make life more beautiful. Nobody can deny fresh flowers, plants and other natural arrangements fit into that category. This week we're pleased to announce to a new subscription partnership with Snapdragon Studios, a floral design shop committed to making life bloom. 

For an additional $40 per month, TechArtista members can enjoy a seasonal floral or succulent arrangement, to be delivered the first Monday of every month. Members also have the option to have their arrangement gifted to a friend or client with free delivery. 

To make this easy, we're able to bill your existing membership account. It's a business expense, right? This is an easy process, and some of our additional packages include a Silo coffee subscription ($50/mo), and a Wellness subscription ($97/mo). Contact us to get this added!

If you'd like to see what Snapdragon is all about, we're hosting a Valentine's Day Flower Bar on February 12 where you can mix and match to your heart's content. Here's the RSVP link. Have a beautiful week, TechArtista!