Surprise Startup Mecca

Happy Monday! It's Eric. 

It's always made me laugh the way people describe the Midwest, and St. Louis in particular. Middle of nowhere, a city that once was, and my favorite... misery (aka Missouri). I understand we've got some rough edges, but that's an opportunity for our community, not a roadblock. 

Pictured above is a screenshot from a VICE piece on St. Louis, using word "surprise" as if we're some new world, being discovered for the first time. Maybe it's clickbait, but it's no surprise at all. At least not to those who are investing their careers, families and livelihood in the 314. 

Each month, I look back at the St. Louis I thought I knew, and it's shifted. That's a good sign. We hear of world class architecture being built, and amazing historic buildings brought back to life. There are companies scaling to new heights, and leading, industry players giving back.

The idea that things take a little longer to develop in the Midwest is one I am willing to invest in. After all, that's how small business becomes big business. Have a great week!