Understanding, Moving Forward

Screenshot from Jun Bae's Film  Bob's Tour

Screenshot from Jun Bae's Film Bob's Tour

This Wednesday, we are hosting a special screening and panel discussion that will take you to a St. Louis you may have never seen before. Bob's Tour, directed and produced by Jun Bae, follows professor Bob Hansman from Washington University, as he takes students on a tour of our Divided City. 

Originally from Tokyo, Jun Bae is a multimedia artist with a unique perspective. His documentary offers a first-person view into blight created by many factors. It is the culmination of decades of cultural disregard and generations of poverty and inequity. 

Through this lens, we invite you to absorb our city's shaky history and listen and discuss the complexities that we still face. We must better understand these years of inequity to move forward. Please RSVP here and we look forward to hosting you this Wednesday evening on our Third Floor.