Vlog Your Heart Out

This week we'd like to highlight a new video blog produced in-house by a member company, Lumogram. The startup helps companies animate their logos, and is developing a crowdsourced marketplace to create more access to animation and design jobs. In case you haven't met the team, it's comprised of design and tech professionals, and recent college graduates, many of whom met at TechArtista before going 'all-in.' 

So, what is a vlog? To answer the question besides Dillon's majestic face above, look no further than Lumogram's latest episode. The short, high quality and interpersonal videos are a step inside the company's operations. Lumogram is focused on releasing one vlog per day to keep their teams up to speed on product development. It's also serving as a great documentation tool. 

To unlock access to all 23+ unreleased episodes, you may subscribe for free here. We love how Lumogram is capturing their company culture, and also life at TechArtista. Keep rocking!