Patio Season

We're excited to be developing our patio for your working, entertaining and relaxing pleasure! It's been a few months since we've had access, and with Spring in full force, we invite you to reclaim this space. One of the activations we've partnered up on is an outdoor Growroom that was fabricated by our member, Chris Wiegman. What's special about this "orb" is not only the execution and master craftsmanship on Chris and his team's behalf, but the nature in which it was executed. 

Online, Chris was able to find a project that explored how architecture is being used as a vehicle for new food solutions. The designs for these ideas were in fact open-sourced and made available for download and CNC-machine fabrication. Using the equipment at TechShop in the Cortex District, Chris was able to produce all the parts offsite, and assemble on our patio. The next steps here will be flora and fauna growth, and a small bench inside for a peaceful repose. 

Other folks to use the Growroom designs include a Danish architecture firm SPACE 10, which produced multi-sensory pavilion for people to smell, taste, and enjoy. Anybody in the world has the opportunity to co-develop this space, and that's a magical thing. Small in scale, and huge in imagination.