Cultural Capital

Anniversary Banner.jpg

We're excited to host everyone this Saturday evening for a reception of colleagues, friends and family. TechArtista was incepted three years ago, and similar to any other startup, we're constantly adapting, listening and growing. 

This past year, we've spent a lot of time thinking about creative ways to expand our value to the membership community. One the most important things we've learned is quite simple... to get out of the way. To be a platform. To connect. 

The world of co-working is changing everyday, and though it's been the identity we've promoted, we truly believe in something a bit different. TechArtista is in the business of cultural development. That is the capital we see move needles, start companies, and scale ideas. 

Thank you for the contributions you've made, and for the contributions to come. We're excited for this journey! See you Saturday.