Select St. Louis

Before we jump into this week's newsletter, we'd like to send a BIG thank you to everyone for supporting us at the Three Year Anniversary! It was a great time (and we had no idea you were such talented dancers). 

Onto this week's feature... one of our members, Scott Steinberg, has been working diligently to launch a new media project named SELECT. Scott is a TV host and writer for several outlets ranging from CNN to Rolling Stone. He's recognized that in the past few years, nearly 15,000 millennials have moved to St Louis, making the city the fourth-most-popular destination in America. 

To continue attracting this talent, and retaining what we have, the SELECT magazine will features top trendsetters and local luminaries, and give them a platform to help readers rediscover the city. At the launch event this Thursday, SELECT is sponsoring two live acts, Scarlet Teenager and The Vigilettes, and one DJ, Radames. Guests will be treated to delicious local fare and great drinks courtesy of magazine partners. Stop by the event venue "Nomad" on Euclid to enjoy!

As always, have a great week.