Coffee Club

Good morning, TechArtista! 

We have some news to share with you regarding a transition in our coffee program, and an introduction of a new cafe this July. Many of you know Rachael and Anthony Burchett, the founders of SILO, which launched at TechArtista to support the duo's mission of providing clean water to coffee farming communities. It's been exciting to watch the company develop, and this latest transition will allow SILO to double down on wholesale and events, two of the their largest business drivers.

So... what's next? We've got something 🔥 brewing with a new concept named "Club" rolling out this July. In collaboration with our team and new head barista, Evan Jones (formerly Blueprint), Club will continue serving artisanal coffees from SILO, Blueprint, Sump, and Kaldi's, along with teas and select snacks prepared by culinary influencers.

In addition, we are launching a box office program that will vend tickets and distribute information about St. Louis' best experiences. Did you know TechArtista offers a Club membership for folks that want to be plugged in socially? We will be expanding this $15/mo offering to include a bi-weekly activity newsletter and special deals and tastings at the Club. All existing members may opt-in for this social membership and newsletter once the new concept is fully open. 

With SILO closing July 1, we will be introducing our new identity and have engaged artist-in-residence Edo Rosenblith to do what he does best. Edo will complete another signature mural in our entry and integrate elements from his existing catalog to appear on mugs, coasters, and much more. 

Have a great week, friends!