Happy Monday TechArtista! 

This week we'd like to tell you more about our architecture exhibition launching in collaboration with LouFest. To further enrich their local footprint, Loufest has partnered with us to debut “Spirit,” a collection of triangle structures developed and decorated by local artists, which connect to form impressive and functional spaces. 

Why triangles? Well, they are sturdy, have a natural strength and don't change shape. It's a universal block that we can assemble for the festival, and re-use in unique ways after. To meet demand for multiple spaces in the festival grounds, we've identified three structures that can be adapted for decoration, shade and lounge space. Outlined below, we will also design a post-festival catalog where the triangles will be installed at public schools and spaces. 

  • Shade: These large structures will serve as a reprieve and provide festival goers with lounging space, benches to sit on, and a large shade canopy developed with donated Kaldi's Coffee bean bags. 
  • Totem: Tall and colorful, these structures will be placed in the grounds to identify sections of the festival for attendees. Using arrows formed within the triangles, they will also serve as wayfinding guides and meeting anchors.
  • Decorative: Here, we're looking at funky sculptures that adorn the festival plaza, featuring local visual artists’ work in conjunction with large murals already on display. 

Phew. We've got a lot of work ahead of us for the festival in early September and hope you'll join us. Know how to paint? Love working with your hands? Enjoy sustainable design and community development? You know who to call! Citizen Carpentry, Chris Wiegman, Edo Rosenblith, Daniel Burnett, Lydia Seaman, Tyler McNamus... these are a few of the TechArtista names already involved.