Becoming Comfortable with Discomfort


Happy Monday TechArtista! 

This week we'd like to feature an article written about discomfort and shared from a talented writer. As we all know, many people avoid discomfort. In fact, they do everything they can to avoid it. Folks can be too comfortable being pushed or bothered to make a change or improve their lives in a new way (just ask any trainer or consultant). This is perhaps the biggest limiting factor, and it’s habits don't change.

The truth: progress comes from getting outside your comfort zone. Culturally, socially, etc.

Thomas Oppong believes the only time you're growing is when you're uncomfortable and breaks down exactly why it's so important to become comfortable with discomfort. That discomfort becomes a catalyst for progress and enables you to grow in ways you can't if you habitually avoid that which is hard.

So, our weekly challenge: Reach out to one member you have never met -- on Slack, LinkedIn, or better yet, in person -- and step outside your comfort zone. We have an updated roster on the TechArtista website, here. 

Have a great week!