Bringing Hospitality Experience To Inhospitable Environments

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This week we'd like to share some words from Lionel Ohayon, the founder of ICRAVE, an studio that reimagines built and digital environments for award winning hospitality projects. Creating consistency between physical and digital experiences is the key to harnessing a hospitality opportunity. We hope this article below will add a new lens to your strategy:

Bringing hospitality experience to inhospitable environments
A brand experience is the central connection that brands have with their customers—and it begins the moment a consumer walks into a space, visits a website, or engages on social media. It’s increasingly difficult to reach customers effectively and solve for their needs, and sectors like airports and hospitals that have traditionally been unwelcoming environments are seeking to reinvent themselves in the face of this challenge.

By bringing a hospitality-centric strategy to verticals outside of hospitality, brands can create brand experiences that anticipate a customer’s need at every touchpoint. Below are a few takeaways for brands to bring hospitality thinking to a wide range of verticals:

The best connections are visceral
For a brand experience, the best connections are visceral. They are made up of moments that we remember. This is both good and bad. We know that people are more inclined to react to a bad experience than a good one – layovers draw irate reactions, while a seamless flight is taken as a matter of course. With that in mind, it is critical to take control of your brand experience and create environments that invite users into a world that – across all touch points – is ‘hospitable.’  Bringing hospitality thinking into inhospitable environments is the essence of where we are today in defining a new profession, one that is founded in interior design and architecture, but heavily reliant on digital evolution and human behavior.

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