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Triangle Program

Giving communities tools to produce small scale, hugely imaginative structures using accessible design, technology and sustainability practices.




We will create three different base structures that users may select. Catalogs will come with pre-constructed sets for specific space considerations that are developed in collaboration with an industry partner. The bases will be made of pressure treated wood or 3D printed plastics. Durability and other considerations will be taken into account. In every case possible, we will use local makers to produce the catalog bases, and local creatives to skin.

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Adding creative elements to the base will give the triangles character and personality. This process will open the project to unique collaborations, spanning all types of designers and creatives— from paint to fabric to light. We must create instructions for how to skin appropriately for each medium. And, in some cases, we will offer our own creatives.  


Assembling will include a series of joints that are designed and developed according to the catalog selection. Piecing together structures may involve a team-building workshop for the customer, or be assembled by an outsourced contractor. In some cases, there will be an opportunity to dis-assemble and recreate similar or variations of the original structure in a new environment.


citizen carpenter

Emanuel Taranu and Marcis Curtis are the creators and makers who co-founded Citizen Carpentry in Spring of 2015. Citizen Carpentry is a workshop and design studio that is dedicated to providing sustainable services and training in practical trades through their apprenticeship program.

edo rosenblith

Edo is a visual artist living and working in St. Louis. He has exhibited his work all over ST. Louis, including at CAM, The Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, and The Luminary Center for the Arts. He is currently a finalist for the Great Rivers Biennial. 


Daniel Burnett

Daniel uses a variety of materials in his work including traditional paint on canvas and graffiti on buildings. He has worked with multiple St. Louis organizations including the Regional Arts Commission, Center of Creative Arts (COCA) and the World Chess Hall of Fame.


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Skandalaris Center

"I saw a lot of energy and smiling faces while we were there, so I think it was a hit."-- Jessica L. Stanko