Launched in 2014, TechArtista is a collaborative working environment located in the Central West End and housed in a 1920s-era Pierce Arrow Motor Car facility. We provide hospitality services ― including desk space, office space, and other amenities ― to our community of small business owners, independent professionals, and more. If you are interested in TechArtista's membership offerings and would like to visit, please get in touch. No matter what you are looking for in the St. Louis technology, business or creative community, we would love to connect. 

Photos from our most recent event "Sprouted Radish Supper Club," a 10 course meal hosted by Sachi Nagase and Katie Yun, Washington University students with aspiring culinary careers. 


Can you name it?


TechArtista stems from the Italian soccer term "trequeartista", which describes a playmaker who provides support anywhere on the field, both offense and defense.


Have you seen it?

"Supper Club" is our latest Special Project, produced by artist-in-residence Edo Rosenblith. Over the course of two summers, Rosenblith painted a 24 x 10 feet mural in TechArtista's third floor gallery. Originally from Tel Aviv, Rosenblith is a Washington University Master of Fine Arts student. 


TechArtista's community

Each member is creative at heart, and uses technology as a vehicle to bring their passions to life. Check out the full directory here. 

Small business owners

Non-profit organizers

Authors and storytellers

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Architects and planners 

Remote professionals

Designers and artists 

Students and professors

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