TechArtista, more than a desk or office, a community 👥

Founded in 2014, TechArtista is a professional nourishment platform that provides work space, along with other amenities, to a network of members in St. Louis. With 13,500 square feet in the Central West End, TechArtista is home to diverse and creative minds. Our community strives to make the city a stronger place by connecting people, products and services. Please reach out to learn more about our membership opportunities, or to schedule a tour. We're looking forward to meeting in person!


Can you name it?


TechArtista stems from the Italian soccer term "trequeartista", which describes a playmaker who provides support anywhere on the field, wherever the team needs it the most. 


Have you seen it?

"Supper Club" is our latest Special Project, produced by artist-in-residence Edo Rosenblith. Rosenblith, a current Washington University MFA, painted a 24 x 10 feet mural in TechArtista's third floor gallery. Additional works are also on display. 

TechArtista's Community

Each member is creative at heart, and uses technology as a vehicle to bring their passions to life. Check out the full directory here. 


Small business owners

Non-profit organizers

Authors and storytellers

Software developers

Architects and planners 

Remote professionals

Designers and artists 

Students and professors

Digital media innovators