Somewhere South of Cilicia


Evan Pheiffer


June 10, 2016




The exhibition "Somewhere South of Cilicia" featured the photography of Evan Pheiffer, a St. Louis native who has spent much of the past decade in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. 

In the first ever public display of his work, the photography included in this exhibition is a tribute to the ambiguity of landscapes, both urban and rural, and the simultaneous variety and constancy of everyday life across a wide spectrum of locales. From the humble to the holy – the barber, butcher and bodyguard to the sous-chef and senior cleric – the themes included in Somewhere South of Cilicia affect us all at one point or another, from the minute to the most important moments in many of our lives. Revolving around the themes of Transport, Commerce and Creed, photographs included in this selection were taken in Lebanon, Pakistan, Ethiopia, China, Colombia, the Caucasus and the United States.