Being a member is more than getting an access card and parking spot, it's being welcomed into a community of people who want to help each other. We do our best to find these kinds of people and bring them into the space and into our network.

Whether you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or just someone who wants to get plugged into the magic, there is a stool, couch, or corner office here for you. 



Experience Membership: It's true that experiences make us happier than possessions. As a member of TechArtista, we offer a number of benefits from our partners, including:

  • 24/7 access

  • Monthly conference room hours 

  • Access to meeting space

  • Kitchen access

  • Washer and dryer

  • Complimentary drip coffee from Blueprint Coffee

  • Showers and dressing room access

  • 1GB fiber internet

  • Utilities included

  • Unlimited color printing 

  • Front desk personnel during business hours

  • Free street and lot parking

  • Gated parking available 

  • Reciprocal Global Membership via the LEXC Network

  • Discounted wellness & personal training services

  • First time members receive a complimentary Float at 

  • Access to Legal GPS, legal software for small businesses and startups

  • Access to event space

  • Access to educational programming  

  • Access to gym facility

  • Member pricing at out salon (BOOK HERE)

  • Complimentary beer supplied by our partners at 4 Hands and Hop Shop

  • Monthly member taco lunches provided by Seoul Taco

  • 15% discount storewide at St. Louis Art Supply & Cornflower (10/12/18 thru 12/31/18)


Membership Options 


Step A - Select Level

+ Club

$15 a month

Club membership is a $15/mo commitment that includes special event invitations, community discounts and internal communications.

+ Virtual

$50 a month

Virtual membership is a $50/mo commitment that includes mailing address for those traveling more often than not.

+ Drop-In

$125 a month

Flexibility your thing? Drop in membership begins at $125/mo for 24/7 access and use of all the amenities including coffee, wifi and gym. This is billed on a monthly basis. Plans for daily use are $15 and weekly plans are $50.

+ Dedicated Desk

$250 a month

Need a permanent desk? Dedicated desk membership for our semi-private desk loft is $250/mo and billed on a monthly basis. The loft is adjacent to private phone booths and includes lockable storage.

+ Office

$600+ a month

TechArtista offices start at $600/mo and are assigned to an appropriate number of office users. Office memberships require a three month commitment, and include additional meeting room booking credits.

Step B - Add More Benefits 

+ Coffee Subscription

$50 a month

Are you a serious coffee drinker? Take advantage of one speciality cup of caffeine per day with a $50/mo subscription to the cafe in our entry. Subscribers will also receive special tastes along the way. This fee will be added to your monthly membership fee.

+ Wellness Subscription

$97 a month

Our goal is to help you focus on your own health, fitness, and wellbeing, and do so in a way that is simple and enjoyable. This program is exclusively for TechArtista members and managed by The Movement Lab. The monthly subscription is added to your membership fee and includes:

-Small group training sessions in the Movement Lab for ALL fitness levels, 5 days a week, 30-45 min workouts ($500/mo value)
-A 12-month nutrition and lifestyle coaching program ($180/mo value
-One free session at FLOAT STL for new members ($60 value)
-Group Meditation Sessions (priceless)
-Discounts on more products and services announced monthly

Desired outcomes include:

-Change your body in ways that you can see and measure
-Become stronger, and improve mobility and core stability
-Learn how to move well without injuring yourself
-Develop stronger bones and joints
-Reduce stress and improve the health of your nervous system
-Improve your mental and emotional health
-Boost your confidence and happiness
-Become more informed and knowledgeable about nutrition
-Become more consistent with habits and life-changing behaviors


Step C - Book a Tour


Located in the Central West End, TechArtista has two meeting rooms and ample parking for your guests. We charge $40/hour for each of our meeting rooms. Businesses, non-profits and special groups are encouraged to reserve a space using the reservation buttons below. Please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions. 


The Bubble 

The Bubble is suitable for meetings with up to 20 people. 360 degree white board walls, A/V equipped. Available to non-members from 9 to 5, Mondays through Fridays.


The Conference Room

The Conference Room is suitable for meetings with up to 15 people. Large whiteboard, A/V equipped. Available to non-members from 9 to 5, Mondays through Fridays. 


Bring your community together at our space! TechArtista has three event areas available for rent, and partnerships with amazing local food and drink vendors. The cost of an event for non-members is $100/hr per space, and and we review each request on a case by case basis. Non-member events may only be hosted Monday thru Friday during normal business hours. 



Non-member rate:$100/hour
Suitable for groups up to 50. Seating for 40. 

Event. Atrium .jpeg


Non-member rate:$100/hour
Suitable for groups up to 75 people. Seating for 40. 

Event. Gallery.jpg


Non-member rate:$100/hour
Suitable for groups up to 75 people. Standing room only. 

Event. Patio.jpeg

Interested? Request a space by sending a note to


Our mission is to create sustainable business that produces networks  through urban development, community development, and business development.


Central West End

Launched in 2014, our Central West End location houses 350 members and is located in a 1920's-era Pierce Arrow Motor Car facility. TechArtista’s membership program grants members access to space resources in four different tiers.

Combining commercial office and event space with unique retail, food and beverage programs, we provide members of our community with programs to meet their professional and social needs.  


Central West End Amenities 

+ Bubble and Conference Room

We charge $40/hour for each of these rooms. Businesses, non-profits and special groups are encouraged to reserve a space using the buttons below. Please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions.

+ MVMT Lab

TechArtista has partnered with The Movement Lab to provide an in-house gym facility for members. Founder Robbie Garrison helps clients focus on developing full body strength, control, movement quality, mobility, and conditioning.

+ Style Seat by Nicholas James

TechArtista has partnered with Nicholas James to offer styling services for men and women. With a studio located on the third floor, Nick is the go-to stylist for members of the TechArtista and St. Louis community. With over 10 years of experience, you won't be disappointed.


The Grove

Coming Soon!